The University of Utah is proud to offer a strong portfolio of educational programs led by its strategic efforts to strengthen the regional workforce in Systems Engineering and adjacent disciplines. Current opportunities can be largely grouped into three major categories: Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Engineering Management (SIME). A variety of degrees, certificates, and courses are available to train students in these areas. The SIME website focuses on showcasing these educational programs to current and future students. For opportunities in research, more information can be found on the websites of partner academic departments and their associated faculty.

Interested in Systems Engineering?

Engineered products, services, and processes have become exceptionally complex with interactions between humans, software, electrical components, mechanical devices, nature, and a host of other elements. Failing to account for these interactions can cause catastrophic losses of life, property, and money. On account of those risks, Systems Engineering has been established as an interdisciplinary approach that enables the realization of successful systems through the identification of needs, requirements, testing, troubleshooting, integration, verification, validation, and deployment.

In the discipline of Systems Engineering, the U's current offerings include:

  • Master of Science in Systems Engineering Degree (on-campus or online)
  • Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering (on-campus or online)
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Systems Engineering (on-campus)
  • Emphasis in Systems Engineering for BS Mechanical Engineering students

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Interested in Engineering Management?

Engineering Management combines management and leadership tools with engineering and technology methods to improve business systems. Engineering managers have the analytical, quantitative, and critical skills to make informed business decisions, and also have the management and leadership skills to successfully implement such decisions in diverse teams.

Current educational opportunities in the Engineering Management discipline at the U include:

  • Master of Engineering Management Degree (on-campus or online)

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Interested in Industrial Engineering?

Industrial Engineering focuses on making existing production and service systems and processes more efficient. Efficiency is a broad topic and includes increasing productivity, decreasing cost, increasing profits, improving safety, etc. The field spans numerous topics including ergonomics/human factors, optimization/operations research, simulation, statistics, and engineering economy.

In Industrial Engineering, the U currently offers:

  • Master of Science in Occupational Health Degree (on-campus)
  • Emphasis in Industrial Engineering for BS Mechanical Engineering students

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Message from SIME Faculty

The faculty of SIME's primary goal is to offer the best courses and curriculum, if the measure of effectiveness is the weighted combination of knowledge, skills and tools mastered that benefit one's life and career.

The amount of knowledge in SIME disciplines is enormous.  Since the classes only support professional master's degrees, the course and curriculum content are designed to include the most value-added topics in the particular area.

It is our hope that you will advance your knowledge and career by learning about SIME and decide to pursue your education either on-campus or online at the U.